10 Natural and Simple Ways to Increase Your Natural Immunity

10 Natural and Simple Ways to Increase Your Natural Immunity

The immune system is a protection mechanism inside your body which protects you from various bacteria, viruses, toxins, microorganisms from entering your body. The defensive mechanism of the natural immune system is amazing and it takes full care of your body.

But, what if your immune system becomes weak? Then your body opens up for all microorganisms to enter your body. There is no resistance to fight back. You can easily fall sick just by going near a sick person who has caught the cold or viral flu.

Here are 10 ways to build your natural immunity to make it strong and get yourself shielded from all diseases :


  • Get Soaked Under the Sun:

Get your Vitamin D naturally from the sun rays which boosts your immune system. You need to beware of the timings to go out under the sun. Any time before 10 in the morning and after 4 in the evening is perfectly fine.

  • Include more of Cumin and Garlic in your Diet:

Cumin and garlic are the best foods to increase the immune system in the body. Garlic also prevents the risk of heart disease, though it may not do justice with your breath odor.

Breathe Deeply: Long breaths of inhaling and exhaling does wonder in opening up of your internal organs and boosting your immunity, giving the strength to the body to fight back.

  • Have Warm water with Ginger, Lemon, and Honey:

The mixture of ginger, honey, and lemon is a magical medicine to cure all most all diseases. Honey and ginger are the powerful antioxidants and lemon is rich in Vitamin C and the mixture acts as a natural immune booster.


  • Keep Hydrated:

Water is the best source to detoxify the whole system and increase the metabolism. Especially when you have the flu, liquids like water, coconut water, and orange juice does wonder in curing it. Water helps in carrying the required nutrients to all parts of the body, taking off the sickness.

  • Reduce Sugar Intake:

Nowadays, people are habituated to use refined sugar. But the sugar decreases the immunity in your body. Natural sugar like honey or sugar cane is OK. But you need to avoid artificial sweeteners, especially when you are sick.

  • Go for a Regular Workout:

Workout like running, aerobics, yoga, dance help in boosting the immune system. By doing the workout on a regular basis, you can stay fit and active. An exercise of minimum 3 days a week is a must for maintaining a good immune system.


  • Yogurt Helps:

Adding yogurt in your daily diet helps build your immunity effectively. Yogurt also is the best source of protein and calcium.

  • Blueberries Help:

Berries, especially the blueberries, are the best antioxidants that help in boosting your immune system.

  • Stay Happy:

De-stress yourself, laugh and stay happy. It is the best way to keep yourself healthy internally and externally. Find ways to be happy or be happy for no reason. Good Luck!

Innate immune system

The innate immune system, also known as the non-specific immune system or in-born  immunity system, is an important subsystem of the overall immune system

Canine influenza

Because of the lack of previous exposure to this virus, dogs have no natural immunity to it. Therefore, the disease is rapidly transmitted between individual


It’s ok. They’re actually helping people to get immunity to E. coli. /s Chipotle’s decline is unstoppable https://t.co/KEPa8RmMcX


another piece of Fakery is the idea that Vaccine induced immunity or ACQUIRED IMMUNITY could possibly be identical to Natural Immunity

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