10 Twists in your Daily Routine to Cut Down Weight

10 Twists in your Daily Routine to Cut Down Weight

The disappointing truth about traditional ideas of losing weight where the mantra is- eat less and run more, do not work long term. It’s a sheer waste of both energy and time to follow such type of weight loss mantras. But fortunately, there are other alternate ways that are very effortless yet effective.
Let’s look into the steps to follow in our daily routine to get effective results at the earliest:

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1.    Workout Smart:

You need to study your body type and know which part of your body needs what exercise and workout accordingly. Also, when a woman is overweight, it is a must for her to do a thorough workout and not just look for shortcuts, till her BMI reduces to normal again.

2.    Stay Calm:

As said, Slow and steady wins’ race, you should be calm enough on the journey of your weight loss.  As you start your low carb diet, you won’t see much difference in your weight in the first few weeks. But stay calm and continue with your schedules.

3.    Avoid Artificial Sugars:

It is a myth that artificial sugar aids in weight loss. Instead, it increases the sugar cravings and appetite also. Hence, women should never fall for such false strategies to cut down weight.  It is also good to avoid diet drinks totally as it increases the hunger level by dropping the blood sugar level.



4.    Eat only when Hungry:

Beware of unnecessary snacking. It can eat you when you are eating it. In other words, we don’t even know whether we are hungry or full while snacking tasty unhealthy stuff.

5.    Feel Free to Skip Any Meal:

If you feel, you are not hungry or not in a mood to eat anything, you are absolutely free to skip that meal- be it your breakfast or lunch. There is no need to make any meal as mandatory.

6.    Reduce Intake of Dairy Products:

Intake of dairy products slows down the weight loss process because of its lactose content. Though it has a good amount of protein, cutting down on them, fastens the weight loss.

7.    Go on a low-carb diet:

A low carb diet even doesn’t require rigorous workout to lose weight. Sugar and starch increase your hunger level, whereas, cutting on these reduces your appetite.


8.    Get your general health check-up:

In spite of following all the above methods, if your weight doesn’t show any difference, it is necessary to get your health checked once. Your thyroid hormones and stress hormones need to be checked.

9.    Sleep Well:

Sleep well for 8 hours’ minimum to release your stress hormones and stay healthy and slim.

10.    Lifestyle Change:

After you have lost all the excess fat and come to your normal weight, it is very important to change your lifestyle with daily routine and maintain the same reduced weight. If you go back to your original lifestyle, take it for sure you will gain back all the lost weight.

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