10 Workable Diet Hacks to Cut Down Calories and Look Trim : Burn Calories

10 Workable Diet Hacks to Cut Down Calories and Look Trim : Burn Calories

You can lose weight by following 2 things. One by burning calories with physical workout other by consuming less calories by following proper diet. Both needs to be followed equally.

A proper weight loss program consists of following points:
1.  An attainable weight loss goal to burn calories.
2.  Well balanced nutritious diet
3.  Consistent physical exercise
4.  Behavioral change to make it up for a healthy weight loss by knowing mind hacks

To follow the first 3 points successfully i.e. to lose weight, you need to make up your mind and follow some of the tricks. The following are 10 most important diet hacks which are tried and tested.

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1. Make a note of calorie intake

You need to start writing each and every detail right from your wake up time till you go to bed. This brings in awareness and helps you reduce weight faster & burn Calorie.

2. Decrease your plate size

Research has shown that a particular quantity of food when served in smaller plate makes the person feel full and satisfied when compared to serving made in a bigger plate. In other words to burn calories, having food in a smaller plate can help you lose weight.

3. Chew and concentrate while eating

Eating mindfully is important to cut down on the quantity of intake. When you chew the food thoroughly becoming aware, you can relish the taste and flavours. It gives time for the body and mind to digest and know the state as soon as you are full.

4. Only eat, while you are eating

Multi-tasking while eating like watching TV, reading magazine, chatting with others is not correct. You may end up having more quantity. But when you focus on eating, you are aware of each bite.



5. Keeping yourself full

Choose foods for breakfast that has more protein and can keep you full for longer duration and not make you crave for food during the lunch time.

6. Be away from unhealthy stuff

Keeping the junk food out of sight is one of the best way to avoid eating them. If you store the junk food at home, you tend to eat it, till it gets over. So, better don’t store any unhealthy foods at home.

7. Make a time-table

A time-table of your daily diet, physical workout and other plans help you to follow them systematically. Set a reminder on your phone to track the time.



8. Follow portion size

Develop a habit of following portion size when eating food. You can keep a fixed plate, bowl and glass and make sure not to increase the quantity of intake.

9. Don’t force yourself

Don’t eat food just because they are healthy. Follow your taste and likes and do research in finding right food for you. Don’t force yourself to have healthy food which you don’t like, as you will not be able to follow the healthy routine for a longer time.

10. Join other fitness enthusiasts

Having a circle of fitness enthusiasts can motivate you and bring in a lot of positive changes in you


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