20 Easy and Lazy Ways to Lose Weight

20 Easy and Lazy Ways to Lose Weight

Though losing weight demands a lot of dedication and discipline through workout and diets, it is not always associated with a difficult path when it comes to losing few extra pounds. There should be some easy ways to get slim and maintain the weight.

Let’s go through some of the easy and lazy ways to lose weight. Employing these tricks in your daily routine can definitely bring you results:



1. Maintain Portion Size

When it comes to losing weight, maintaining a fixed portion size is a must. Do not grab or eat directly from a cover or box. Maintain your plate to keep a track of the quantity you take. It is even important to maintain portion sizes for the healthiest food like fruits and vegetables too.

2. Timely Meals

It is not good to stay hungry for a longer duration and end up eating more. Maintain fixed timings for 5 meals a day and have it in smaller quantity.

3. Dinner vs. Lunch

Whenever you are called for a treat or wish to have your food outside, always opt for a lunch rather than going for a dinner. It is necessary to keep your dinner light contributing only 30% of your daily calories, to lose fat.


4. Sleep

This is one of the easiest and laziest ways to lose weight. Yes, a good sleep for 8 to 9 hours a day is a must to stay fit and slim.

5. Go for High-Protein Snack

Mostly women have a habit to keep snacking in between their works. Instead of storing oily high-calorie junk stuff, store some high protein, fibre snacks that have low calories and most importantly tastes good as well. You can munch them guilt free.

6. Apple Cider Vinegar Drink

Make it a habit of sipping a glass of water adding few tbsp. of apple cider vinegar before your meal. This will make your appetite less.

7. Eat with Discipline

There are few disciplines you must follow while eating food like sit on the floor to eat, never have food watching TV, eat slowly and chew each bite thoroughly feeling the complete taste of the food, make a habit of having food along with family. With these steps, you can avoid overeating and also aids in good digestion.

8. Make a habit of Walking

Whether you are going for a small shopping, a bus stand, nearby school, gym or anywhere, take it as an opportunity to walk off your calories. Though it may seem a small distance, but it makes a huge impact in the long run. Go for stairs than a lift/escalators as much as possible.


9. Love Green Tea

Whenever you feel to have something hot, go for a green tea. Initially, you may not enjoy. But once you make it a habit, you will love to have green tea at least 2 to 3 times in a day.

10. Go for Skim Milk

Milk is good, so go for a low-fat milk.

Reduce Weight

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