4 Best Strength Training Moves for Women

4 Best Strength Training Moves for Women

The most common problem areas to lose weight for women are hips, abs and butt area. Unlike cardio, strength training power instructions exercises target these areas of the lower body and help develop strength in muscles and bones. The strength training burns the fat and improves the fitness, thereby refining your quality of life.

It is necessary to understand the right technique and the areas of benefit before you begin your training workout. Women mostly look for low impact with big calorie burn workout. Here are some of the low-impact strength training moves:


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1. Roll on fitness ball

All you need is a fitness exercise ball for this activity. This works for core abs, chest, shoulders, and almost the entire body.
How to do: You need to come to the push-up position by rolling over the fitness ball and walk on your hands placing ankle on the ball. Now, tighten your abs muscles and raise your hips and roll your feet on the top of the exercise ball walking with hands. Slowly do 20 reps.

2. Push-up sidewalk

You need a stretch of clear floor. This strength training activity is for the entire body again.
How to do: Come to the push-up position holding your toes and hands firm on the ground. Now, walk on your hands and toes sideways towards left in push up position for about half a minute and walk towards your right side for another half a minute. With this move, you will crazily burn your calories.



3. Push-up hill walk

This move is done in the push-up position. It targets abs, hips, back muscles, legs.
How to do: Come to the push-up position with hands firm on the floor placing shoulder-width apart. Now, bring your left leg forward towards your left arm and take it back. Similarly, bring the right leg forward towards right arm and take it back. Continue with a minimum speed to keep up the pace. Do not allow your back to arch or raise. Do 25 reps.

 4. Split Squat

This is mainly for the lower body to balance, strengthen and shape up.
How to do: Stand straight with feet shoulder width apart. To begin, take your left feet forward and right feet backward and come to lunge position keeping your back knee almost on the floor but, without touching the floor. Hold for a second and return to standing position. Reverse the leg and repeat for 20 times.

To sum up for your convenience, the strength training has the following varieties:

Body weight training :

It requires no equipment and costs you nothing. It can be done anywhere during vacation, work area or at home. Increases your flexibility and improves strength.

Hand weight training using dumbbells, kettlebell:

The moves using weights build your triceps, biceps, and increases muscle mass. You can get the hand weights from any fitness store.

Fitness ball moves:

The fitness ball comes in different sizes and you can invest in this to have one at home and practice regularly.


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