5 Exercises that Transform Your Body from Fat to Fit

If you truly want to transform yourself from fat to fit, lean muscles to strong muscles, obese to slim, there are specific things you need to inculcate to make yourself ready for change and maximize the results in a short span of time.  This includes a healthy lifestyle that has a combo of nutritious balanced diet along with an effective exercise program.
Though each person’s fitness level is different, the body type is dissimilar, their goals and needs may vary but, there are few programs that everyone must have that are quick result driven. Unlike exercise that focus on few muscles in the body, compound exercises targets and engages both upper and lower body simultaneously to transform your full body.

Below is the list of exercises to help you shut the calories down and transform your body into perfect shape.



1.  Ab Crunch with Leg Raises

Both the moves target lower and upper abdomen area. You can perform some warm up and cardio and then come into abs activity. To begin, lie down on your back with knees half folded and hands near the ears. Now, raise your upper body half and get back to start position. Do 20 to 30 reps for 1 minute and change to leg raising move where you lie on your back and raise your leg at a 90 degree and lower the leg without touching the floor. Repeat for 1 minute again.

2. Plank with Side Plank

Both flat plank and side plank are equally important as plank targets the core abs and butt, and side plank focusses on the thighs and glutes. To start, lie on your tummy and keep arms near chest. Raise your upper body and lower body in air with only arms and feet on the ground. Hold for 30 secs and increase the time gradually. Side Plank is similar, but only thing you need to turn to your sideways and support the body with only elbows and feet on the floor. Change the sides. Repeat 3 sets.

3. Basketball Raises

This is simple, yet effective exercise that engages the complete body. Stand straight with feet width apart. Assume there is a ball on the floor between your feet and a basketball court above you. Bend and pick the fake ball and jump high to put the ball inside the dummy court. Again bend and jump high. Repeat for 20 to 25 times.



4. Crawling Activity

This is similar to that of an army training. It is a cross training activity and needs to be done in phases. Lie down keeping face down and crawl using your elbows and toes to move ahead. Crawl for 20 seconds then increase the duration.

5. Jump and Lie down

This move is for the core muscles and helps blast the excess weight from body. All you need to do is, stand with feet shoulder width apart. Bend down and place the hands on the floor to jump back into plank and do a couple of push ups and again jump forward and stand up. Repeat 5 times.


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