Sagging Arms? : Here are 5 Ways to Tighten Up Loose Arms Without Weights

Sagging Arms? : Here are 5 Ways to Tighten Up Loose Arms Without Weights

May be you don’t enjoy hitting a gym or unable to spare time for the same, but wish to have a toned fit biceps and triceps. Not to worry; you deserve it!
Here are the 5 fantabulous exercise workout to tone up your upper body without lifting a single dumbbell. You can carry out these exercises anywhere anytime, without spending money. All you need is some space and some time to get those flex-worthy arms and shoulders.

Remember, to gain something, consistency is a must! You must follow the regime minimum 3 times a week. It is also important to hold the core muscles tight to get a better and faster results from the sagging arms. Initially, start with each rep of exercise (one left and one right) for a minute. Once you start building more stamina and feel comfortable, you can increase the number of minutes to 2 or 3. Continue to hold till you feel the burn, which is more important to cut down that extra fat. Rest for a minute after each rep.


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1.  Arm Rotations

Though arm rotation exercise seems very simple, it does a lot of impact for the arms. Begin by standing or sitting on a chair and stretching your arms out parallel to the floor. Now rotate your arm forward to backward in a clock wise direction. You can increase the speed to complete more circles in one minute. Repeat the same in anti-clock wise direction for a minute. Continue adding more time once it gets easier.

2. Backward Dips

Backward dips will make you come out of the sagging arms easily. Sit on the floor with your knees bent and feet facing forward. Tighten your abs and come to Kegel position. Now lift your butt up to the maximum level it can stretch and lower it down by bending your sagging arms. Do not touch your butt to the floor, this will activate your triceps and core arm muscles. Do each rep for a minute and keep adding more minutes to each rep.

3. Floor Push-up’s

To do a normal push up, lie flat on your stomach. Hold both the hands near your chest and raise your upper body. Raise your knees above the ground and keep it parallel to the floor. Start with the push up’s, by bending your arms and lowering your upper body, but not touching it to the floor. Then again raising the upper body up. Continue for a minute without gap, then slowly increase the number of minutes.



 4. Planks

Again one of the powerful workout for the core arm muscles. The position for plank is similar to that of the floor push-ups. But here, you need to hold when you raise your upper body. Hold for a minute or two in plank and then increase the time.

5. Wall Push-up’s

The wall-push-ups are easier than normal push-ups. To begin, stand straight in front of a wall, facing the wall. Place your both hands on the wall parallel to each other. Now, begin the workout by going down near the wall and come back. Inhale as you near the wall, exhale when you arise back. Repeat this exercise.

With each exercise mentioned above, it is important to carry them out safely, consistently and by following right technique to get the desired results.



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