6 Bad Habits that Crash your Fitness Results : Fitness Women & Men

6 Bad Habits that Crash your Fitness Results : Fitness Women & Men

Unless you take care of small mistakes by correcting them in your daily workout regime, you cannot prosper to a greater height in the fitness area. You may have a lot of ambitions and goals to achieve, but it takes a lot of effort to identify each small mistake as to what is hindering you from reaching your goal.

Let us check out the 6 bad habits that need to be dropped right away. Ditching them will help you reach your goals much faster: Fitness Women.


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1. Passing Time Around

Hit the gym with a time frame and be focussed. Don’t be one among them who get distracted by chit chats, taking too many breaks in between the workout, texting or speaking over the phone etc. Just make the most of your time and do not let it go waste. Because staying focussed during workouts is an important factor in burning calories. Focus on your breathing, the exercise moves and how your body is vibrating after each move.

2. Going for Sport Drinks

Keeping yourself hydrated with water should suffice. Of course, hydrating with sport drinks can energise you to work out more, but beware! They are full of sugars and calories; they can compensate all the calories you are burning through the workout.

3. Following the same Workout

Repeating the same workout for a longer duration for more than a week can seize the effect of the exercise. When you start repeating the exercise, the body gets used to it and doesn’t burn calories as much as it did on the very first day of the move. Your body can easily perform the task after it is used to it. Hence, keep mixing and changing the exercise workout every week for the best result.



4. Fasting along with Workout

In order to lose weight faster, people go for crash diet along with doing workout which is a very bad habit. A good nutritious food intake along with high proteins is a must for a gym person. If your body doesn’t get proper food soon after the workout session, it breaks down the muscles into amino acids and gets converted into glucose which gives a negative effect on the body.

5. Munching Junk Food Immediately after Workout

People mostly don’t give any importance for the post workout foods and end up eating anything they get, as the body is in a state of Feed-me-now hypoglycaemia. After a solid workout, you are not supposed to eat anything unhealthy stuff, as your metabolism has raised and an unhealthy food can negate all your effort.

 6. Missing the Workout for Muscle ache

After a new or a heavy workout, you tend to experience the soreness in the muscles and it is a very common symptom. There is no need to skip the workout for recovery the very next day (fitness women) However, it is important to do the stretching and workout immediately the next day for a better and faster recovery from pain. Only thing, you can opt for a lighter workout.

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