6 Reasons Women Should Change Their Workout to Swimming : Workout Plans

6 Reasons Women Should Change Their Workout to Swimming : Workout Plans

Women usually don’t opt for high muscle training exercises or core body building workout plans. They mostly go for low impact exercises that can build strength as well as burn calories. Swimming is a full body workout with low impact. Swimming utilizes and strengthens the major muscle groups for the entire woman’s body, all at once. It strengthens woman’s heart and lungs that lowers the cholesterol and blood pressure levels while improving the flow of oxygen in each cell and muscle.Unlike lace and shoes for running or walking, for swimming you just needs 3 things- a swimsuit, swim cap and swim goggles. That’s it! You are now ready to hit the pool.

 How Water Works for Women?


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1. Muscle Workout

All the gym folks and runners who wish to have a low impact workout for muscles, swimming is the best exercise for the unintentionally neglected core muscles in woman’s body. It provides a great massage and relaxes the overworked hips, knees and joints. It also strengthens the bones and makes you active.

2. Beautiful Abs

On an average, light swimming burns 500 calories an hour. Whereas, a heavy swimmer burns around 800 calories easily. As a matter of fact, water is 850 times denser than air, woman needs more stamina and energy for every movement within the water which becomes a high resistance workout for hips, arms, shoulders, knees and especially for abs. The core abdomen muscle gets the most out of swimming. Women are always conscious of maintaining a flat abs and swimming helps them have one.

3. Healthy Heart for Woman in Sixties

The blood circulation and a general massaging effect is high in water than on land. With arthritis catching over 60, their mobility becomes limited. The seniors can get inside the pool and easily make movements of the body and keep themselves fit and healthy. By inculcating water exercise technique thrice a week, can give a great cardio vascular workout, making the heart strong and healthy.



4. Good Pregnancy Exercise

The resistance and buoyance of water makes you feel weightless despite the extra weight added during pregnancy. Swimming strengthens your back and protects you from the heavy back strain as a result of the expanding belly. You can get a good blood circulation which is most important for you and your baby. When you swim, your physical endurance gets built and you are well prepared to handle the pregnancy tantrums.

5. Boosts Confidence

Swimming is a great exercise to boost confidence. As a beginner, to learn the new skill of swimming and be with the water completely adds up the confidence in you. When you overcome the water phobia and set yourself a target of swimming 20 yards or more can be a great experience in one’s life.

6. All Round Fitness

On an overall view, swimming uplifts both mind and body and keeps women fit. This water exercise is holistic and one can experience a great mental and physical benefit from it.

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