6 Solid Moves to Tone Whole Body

6 Solid Moves to Tone Whole Body

Women look for short duration solid workout to tone whole body and get going, when they are unable to hit the gym or do their regular workout. They opt for workouts that are fun and quick results driven. Such exercises don’t get divided as upper body and lower body workout, but tone the full body at once. They provide good cardio workout and strengthen complete body. It’s suitable for beginners as well as individuals at different fitness levels.
How it works: Try these moves back to back for 30 minutes without any gap between exercises. You can rest for 10 seconds and resume. Do a complete circuit of 6 exercises for 1 minute each and repeat the circuit.



1.  Aeroplane move

This is a fantastic exercise for hip muscles and butt toning and also strengthens the knee joints and arms. To begin, sit on a mat with your hands placed behind your body and your knees slightly bent keeping the feet on the ground. Now, lift your body up where your pelvis is moved towards ceiling and your left leg is stretched straight parallel to the ground the best exercise to tone whole body. Hold for few seconds and return to the original position. Do 20 reps.

2. Twisted Pivot

This is a dance form of exercise where you swing your full body to increase the flexibility and churning and twisting in your legs, arms, hips, chest area and neck. It increases cardio vascular endurance and stamina. To tone whole body, stand with your feet together. Now, step out the left leg to your left side shoulder distance and twist your upper body to the left. Hold a club above your head. Again, return to start position. Repeat the same with your right leg. Do 20 reps.

 3. Jumping Jack

This is again a complete body workout. You don’t have to bother about the length and width of the jump. Just jump and stretch both hands and legs sideways while jumping.


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4. Push up on Knees

Very effective move for the abdomen, core back muscles, arms. To begin, lie on your tummy with hands near chest. Raise your upper body keeping your hands flat on the floor. Keeping the knees on the floor, lift your both legs behind on air. In simple, only your hands and knees are on floor but the rest of the body is in the air. Now, without the chest touching the floor, do the push-ups, up and down. Repeat 20 times.

5. Front Squats

Squats targets the abs, hip movements, knees. It is the best total body exercise where you train upper, lower and mid-section of the body. Stand with your feet slightly beyond shoulder width. Start the move by pushing your hip area back intensely and dropping upper legs down. Again reverse the action and come back. Repeat 20 times.

6. Plank with Leg Raise

Plank with leg raise is a combo that will give you a real test for abs and shoulders.  Come on the plank position and raise your left leg and hold. Lower your left leg and raise your right leg. Repeat 10 times.



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