6 Total Body Circuit Training Workout for Women

6 Total Body Circuit Training Workout for Women

What’s Circuit Training for Women?

It’s a combination of different workouts routine for the full body in a single session that includes weight training with endurance exercises, cardio vascular exercises or muscle toning with step aerobics. Overall, it is a package of customized exercises for a set time period in a single session of an hour or more. Now, what are the factors in customizing the exercise routine? Below are some of the factors:



1. Set your time limit

Setting up the total time limit of the circuit helps you to plan the time limit for each workout. Example, five exercises of 5 minutes each repeated for 2 circuits add up to almost an hour’s workout.

2. Select Upper Body Workout

You need to pick right upper body exercises for the circuit that suits your body.

3. Select Lower Body Workout

You need to pick right lower body exercises for the circuit that suits your body type like squats, walking lunges etc.

4. Select a Compound Exercise

You also need to have one compound exercise in the circuit as weight training is excellent.

5. Opt for 1-minute Sprint

It’s always good to change the exercise after each minute as shorter sprints are more effective than longer ones and it helps cut down fat fast.

What are the best circuit training workout for women?

The following are the circuit training workout for women. Perform the regime for 3 alternative days a week for 30 minutes to see a good weight loss and muscle strengthening.


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1. Squat Jump

Stand, squat and jump raising your hands up. Do 15 rep.

2. Planks

Standard plank where you lie on stomach and keep hands near chest and stretch the hands. Raise the knee above the floor and ensure the body is getting balanced only in 2 points i.e. hands and feet. Hold in the position.

3. Calf Stretch

Start the position by standing straight with feet width apart. Hold the weights in your hands and stretch the calves by raising toes in the air. Come down. Do 20 reps.



4. V-shape

Lie on your back. Raise your legs and hands simultaneously to make a V-shape. Hold the toes and lie down back. Do the rep 15 times.

5. Knee Lunge

Hold weight in left hand and kneel on left knee with right leg in front, right knee bent and right foot on the floor. Place right hand on right knee. Hold and switch leg.

6. Hands side walk

Come to the plank position and move sideways as fast as possible and as far as possible.

Make sure to set up everything properly before starting the workout, as stopping in between the workout for setting up can hamper the purpose of having a circuit fitness program. By hindering in the middle, it can disturb the rate of burning fat and cools down the body. Also, resting time of 30 seconds between each station is enough. More resting time can reduce the effectiveness.
Make sure to maintain the consistency to perform 3 to 4 times weekly.

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