7 Fitness Mistakes That Has to Be Stopped Right Away

7 Fitness Mistakes That Has to Be Stopped Right Away

Women go gaga over losing weight, but they need to pay attention on all the micro details of their fitness habits. You will know just working out harder is no good, but working out smarter pays. In simple words, we tend to make fitness mistakes in our workout regime unknowingly that reduces the effectiveness of the results.

Therefore, it is important to know the fitness mistakes we normally make in our fitness journey, so that we can stop it in order to gain maximum results:

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Mistake 1: Expecting results too fast.

Everything needs patience. You need to slowly progress with your exercises. As a beginner to becoming an expert, the entire process has its own methods and results. Hence, you must wait for the best results to celebrate.
Those who expect results too fast, lose hope at a very early stage of exercising and they tend to discontinue their fitness journey.

Mistake 2: Wrong food habits pre-workout.

There is an optimal level of food intake you need to maintain before hitting the gym. Going for exercising with a heavy stomach where your food isn’t digested fully, you tend to experience heaviness in the body and may even suffer from a stomach-ache. On the other hand, going without proper food also doesn’t give you enough energy to carry out the fitness activities.



Mistake 3: Taking too many breaks in between workout.

Getting distracted during a workout is common. Most of the people take breaks in between workout for many reasons like phone calls, texting, chatting with gym pals, water breaks or feeling tired soon. But this results in cooling down of the body and it cannot respond to the next workout immediately. At the end of an hour workout, you would have totally worked out only for half an hour. That’s bad!

Mistake 4: Repeating the same workout.

That’s obvious your body gets adjusted to an exercise after repeating it for a week. The body goes into a comfort zone to perform it without much effort after a while. This is when you ought to change your workout regime to experience the burning of your muscles.


Mistake 5: Eating a low-calorie food.

Research shows with a low-calorie diet, your metabolism slows down making you move little and feel low energy level. The threshold point is maximum 1200 calories, anything lowering beyond this drops the metabolic rate. You may see a weight loss happening, but that is only the water loss from the body which can immediately bring your weight back, once you stop your diet.

Mistake 6: Quantity Vs. Quality.

This is applicable for the workout where you take a light weight and try to do more reps which aren’t very effective as compared to doing less number of reps with heavy weights.

Mistake 7: Doing only cardio for weight loss.

When you are so eager to lose weight, you must come out of your comfort zone of doing only your favourite workout of cardio. Women are mostly inclined to take up a cardio workout for weight loss. Yes, it can also give you results, but that should not only be your focus.


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