8 Fun-filled Outdoor Workout For Women

8 Fun-filled Outdoor Workout For Women

Women who are fitness freaks ‘make the world as their gym’. They don’t have to wait to hit a gym for doing the physical workout. They can find places and enjoy working out even outside the gym.
However, there are many additional benefits you can experience with outdoor workout for women. Unlike indoor, outdoor workout is more strenuous. The energy spent in the outdoor exercise is more than that of a gym workout. Example, the exertion in running outside is much more than running on a treadmill. Same is applicable for cycling and other fitness equipment. Also, you get to feel the fresh air and can escape from the monotonous workout existing inside the gym.

Some of the best outdoor workout for women are:


1. Jog

Instead of hitting a routine treadmill, go out for a relaxed jogging to the nearby park or a beach. You will enjoy the nature along with having a good physical activity. Keep a track of speed and distance with the help of pedometer.

2. Join Fitness Club

There are a lot of fitness club exclusively for ladies where they encourage them to play outdoor games like throw ball, tennikoit, volleyball, badminton, tennis etc. You also get to make friends with other fitness enthusiasts.

3. Trekking

This is one of the most sought after outdoor adventure activity in today’s generation. Women along with their friends plan for trekking to a fixed destination with fixed hours. This is a great cardio strength workout that can be done once in 3 to 4 months.


4. Beach Yoga

Yoga as such, done at any place is wonderful. But if you find a beach, try doing yoga near the beach to experience a great bliss.

5. Park Area as Gym

Practice some of the core exercises like push-ups, dips on park benches. Use some park equipment for chin-ups along with going for walks.

6. Running & Cycling

Prepare for marathons and cyclothons. Practice running and cycling in the nearby grounds or on roads. This is a great cardiovascular workout and helps in burning your body fat.


7. Core Workouts

If not gym, you can find some place nearby your house to do the workout for core muscles like,
•    Squats – 4 sets of 10
•    Jumping Jack- 4 sets of 10
•    Lunges
•    Bending exercises
•    Planks
•    Push-ups

8. Other Physical Activities

Apart from exclusive exercises for fitness, there are many other physical activities in your daily life like,
•    Running up and down the stairs
•    Walk to all places nearby keeping yourself active
•    Clean your house and garden often on a weekly basis
•    Do core household works once a week
•    Furniture rearrangement
•    Carrying your baby at all possible times

You don’t have to always invest hugely in a gym membership to get fit. There are a lot of other ways outside where one can build core strength and also lose weight if she has an inner urge to do it.

Gleason’s Gym

Hector Roca co-authored the book The Gleason’s Gym: total body boxing workout for women, with a foreword by actor Hilary Swank (she famously thanked Hector



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