Booty Building Exercises as an Alternate to Squats : Butt Exercises

Booty Building Exercises as an Alternate to Squats : Butt Exercises

Squats, also known as the King of Exercises, meant for the toning up of lower body & butt exercises, may not sometimes be our cup of tea. Yes! Some people do not find it comfortable and easy to perform squats workout along with dead lift. May be for some it causes knee pain, for some they cannot get good depth because of their long legs or for whatever reasons, it doesn’t go well with their type of body. So, should such people call it quits? Should they not bother about the excess fat stored in their lower body? No worries. There are plenty of fitness butt exercises that are equally effective. As an alternate to squats, below are some of the low impact workout that strengthen the legs, shapes up your hips and thigs and builds a better butt without using any weights.



1. Lunges for Lifting Side Leg

Begin this butt exercises by standing straight firmly. Slowly extend the left leg up to your left side and reaching both arms to left leg. Again return to your original position and make sure your left feet don’t touch the floor. Repeat the rep on both legs and complete 4 to 5 sets.

2. Bend Lunge for Cross Feet

Cross your right leg behind left leg and come to bend lunge position. Reach out both the arms outside your left thigh. This workout is perfect for those looking to cut down on their saddle bags and inner thigs.

 3. Single Leg Planks

In the fitness world, there is a saying, never force your body. So are these workouts. Single leg planks are similar to normal planks. You need to get plank and then slowly extend your left leg to the top stretching it sideways and hold. Repeat the same for the right leg. It burns calories in the hip and abs region mainly.



4. Leg Curl

Lie down on your back with your legs straight. Crunch your abs by half lifting your left leg and half raising your upper body and repeat the same with right leg. Repeat the set for 20 times or more.

5. Side Heel Kicks

Lie down on the mat and turn to your left side. Now, raise both the legs to your extreme right as much as possible and hold and breathe. Repeat the same turning towards your right side and stretching both legs up to your extreme left. This move brings in a lot of flexibility in your body and cuts down excess fat on the sides.

6. Side and Back Kicks

Flex your right foot on the ground and kick your left leg both to the side and backwards without touching it to the ground. Repeat the same for the right leg flexing your left leg on the floor. Do 25 reps each.With your comfort and control without harming yourself, you can perform these exercises at home at least 5 days a week which gives you similar benefits of squat.


Went on a long walk/run, did some rigorous butt exercises, and now enjoying a green tea while…
I eat all day & do kegels and butt exercise 😂 thats it and thats all.



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