Caffeine Free Ways to Recharge Your Mornings

Caffeine Free Ways to Recharge Your Mornings

Most of the people have difficulty waking up early in the mornings and start their day with a fresh morning. So they take help of caffeine to get going and get refreshed. The lesser the energy, the slower is your metabolic rate.

This is especially seen in the urban areas where women face challenges balancing the work and home life and they start their day with a hectic morning. Whereas, in rural areas, women still wake up to birds singing and they brighten their mornings with nature.

To make the most of your mornings, you don’t have to take help of stimulants like caffeine, coffee, caffeine teas etc which are chemical solution. There are a lot of caffeine free ways to perk up your mornings and stay active. Some of the tops ways are:



  1. Have a Good Sleep:

The basic rule to experience a fresh morning is to have a good sleep in the night for minimum 8 hours. Hence, making a habit of early to bed and early to rise helps.


  1. Rise Early:

Research shows rising up early in the mornings before sunrise builds their optimism and they tend to remain happy and productive throughout the day with caffeine free. When you have a good sleep in the night and rise before sunrise, your brain gets charged and keeps you at your best efficiency.


  1. Stretch Up:

With a good stretch and exercise, your body raises its metabolism and activates its muscles. With a good body stretch, your body takes off the lethargy and kicks off for the day.


  1. Start with Cinnamon:

Start your day with a glass of warm water along with a pinch of cinnamon powder that enhances the metabolism.


  1. Feel the Nature:

As you wake up, try spending some time with the nature. Inhale the fresh air, close your eyes for some time, meditate and be one with the serenity. Take a sun bath. This will take away the negativity from both the body and mind.


  1. Listen to Music:

Those who cannot start their workout early in the mornings, can take help of music to charge themselves. Put on either devotional or music that charges up your morning. Even chanting mantras can do wonder in charging up each part of the body.


  1. Add Fruits to your Morning Diet:

Studies show having any fruit of your favourite in an empty stomach detoxifies your body and boosts energy. It gives you the required fuel to get going.


  1. Take a Cold Shower:

Cold water is great for opening the skin pores. It helps in blood circulation and activates your body.


  1. Don’t eat heavy in the night:

Having a light meal in the night can keep you active during your next morning.


  1. Don’t skip breakfast:

Never skip breakfast which boosts your metabolism and breaks your 8 hours of fast. It gives you the energy to carry out activities and stay fit.

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