Core Lower Abs Exercise Workout for Women

Core Lower Abs Exercise Workout for Women

The most glamorous factor for a physical body is to have flat abs. Who doesn’t like having a flat belly with a proportionate body? It is every individual’s deep desire to either make or maintain flat abs. But what’s the effort behind it? The lower abs are one of the toughest parts to reduce, as none of our moves or activities we do throughout the day, target the abs area. It is one area in the body that gets the least workout from all our activities of the day.Therefore, a lot of workouts are made to target the core abdomen, though they aren’t any simple unless done in a right form.

Let’s check out some of the popular doable lower abs exercises: Workout for Women.

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1. Hip Raise

If you are looking to tone and strengthen your lower abs, hip raise with the bent knee is one of the powerful exercises. It’s very simple to perform. Lie on a mat facing the ceiling and knee bent. Keep your hands to your sides and slowly raise your hip in the air towards the ceiling and hold till you can. Come back to original position. Repeat 25 times.

2. Crunches

There are different variations in the crunch that covers the entire lower abs. For all the variations, you must lie on your back. A) Crunch with elevated legs where you elevate and fold your legs to 90 degrees and place arms near ears and crunch. B) Crunch with leg lifts where you raise your one leg straight towards the chest and raise your upper body to touch the feet from the nose. Repeat another leg. C) Crunch head to toe where you crunch folding your knee and lifting upper body half. D) Side crunch where you partially turn towards your left side and bend the knees to crunch up to 45 degrees.

3. Army Crawl

This is a killer workout for abs and back where you need to lie on your tummy and come to the plank position. Keep your elbows for the support and start crawling like army training workout. Continue for a minute and rest.



4. U-Curve

This is a therapeutic and a yoga move that strengthens abs muscles, thighs and back muscles. To get into the position, sit on the mat floor and slowly make a U curve by raising your legs towards your head. This is a good body balancing exercise where you need to balance the body when you come to the U-curve position.

 5. Scissors

This move creates a pressure in the abs muscles and cuts down the fat in the abdomen area. To start, lie on your back and raise your leg up to 45 degrees. Start crisscrossing your legs like scissors by placing your hands near the ears. Continue for a minute and rest.

Important: For all the workout for women, it is important to maintain the pace. The slower the better, the more the capacity to hold in each position, the more you burn calories.

Gleason’s Gym

Hector Roca co-authored the book The Gleason’s Gym: total body boxing workout for women, with a foreword by actor Hilary Swank (she famously thanked Hector



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