Cut Down That Last 5 to 10 Pounds for a Perfect Body : Weight Loss Tips

Cut Down That Last 5 to 10 Pounds for a Perfect Body : Weight Loss Tips

When a person is obese or overweight, it may not be very difficult for her to shed the initial pounds, as the body quickly starts showing up inch loss when she starts her workout regime and follows a balanced diet. The real struggle is when it comes to shedding down the last 5 to 10 pounds which require finer inspection of your day-to-day habits.

You need to change some of your lifestyle habits in order to lose the final few stubborn pounds.

Here are few of them:


Weight Loss Tips-loss- pounds

1. Scrutinize your food intake

Once you start your balanced diet, you need to further scrutinize your diet to reach the zero size. You can make a habit to note down your daily food and beverages intake to analyse where you need to cut down more calories than before. Writing helps!

Once you feel your diet is going in a right manner yet not able to reduce weight further, it’s time for you to clean up your daily diet. Just watch your intake of dairy products, your condiments and confectionery products and other listed ingredients. At least try stopping them till you lose your last 10 pounds, you can slowly get back if you feel the need of it.

2. Change your workout

Switch your workout to target a different part of the body which needs further attention. You can either target different muscles or change your workout style.

3. Recalculate your calories

There are a lot of chances that a person’s metabolic rate drops as she starts losing weight. Her body may consume fewer calories for the same activities than earlier. Hence, it is recommended to recalculate the caloric needs for every 10 to 15 pounds’ weight loss.


4. End your meal time early

The best rule for meals is to divide them into 6 frequent meals per day. To fit 6 meals in a day, you need to start them as early as 7 a.m. and end it before 7 p.m. Your body needs time to digest and burn the 6 meals you have taken.

5. Don’t take it easy:

After losing 50 pounds with lot efforts and dedication, the person becomes relaxed and easy going with losing the last 10 pounds. Don’t let it cool. ‘Strike while the iron is hot’, an Arabic saying.

This is the time to push forward and make it hard and not to give room for any mistakes.

6. Lose weight slowly and steadily:

Target losing just 1 or 2 pounds per week so that you can fuel yourself sufficiently for a power-packed workout. This is to keep the metabolism active until the end of your weight loss. You shouldn’t have strained your body, when it comes to losing the last few pounds.

7. Mind Power

Last but never the least, it all depends on your will power and your visualization capacity to visualize yourself successfully completing the fat loss program.

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