Easy Ways to Flatten Your Abs Without Any Crunches : Abs Workout

Easy Ways to Flatten Your Abs Without Any Crunches : Abs Workout

Who doesn’t desire to have a flat Abs? It is everybody’s deep wish to look slim and trim with a flat tummy. But what’s the intensity of effort required to have a flat belly? There’s a high intensity abs workout required that includes crunches, diet, cardio. But the best part is, the high intensity workout is always not required. There are other ways to cut down on the belly fat.

Let’s list the best of them:


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 •    Keep Active

It is estimated, making it 10,000 steps on an average, every day can smash your excess weight including the belly fat. In order to do that, you need to be working and active the entire day.

 •    Tuck in

Tuck in abs workout is a right breathing technique where you tuck in the belly towards your spine when you exhale deeply and release on an inhale. Sitting and standing in the right straight posture with tummy tucked in, will make your abs look flatter.

 •    Detoxification Process

You can get many detoxification processes to cleanse or detoxify your metabolism. Pick any detox method that suits you, at least once in a month, to keep the toxins away that have got accumulated in your tummy in the form of gas, which makes the tummy bulge.



•    Balancing Fluid

The body should be well balanced with enough fluid intake. If you are trying to flatten your belly, drinking plenty of water helps. You can also increase the intake of fluids in other form like smoothies, green tea or other fruit juice that adds to the process of flattening belly. You can try some flavoured water also. Just add cucumber, mint, lemon to the water to induce it.

  •    Maintain Portion Size

Whatever your food intake is, make sure you maintain the right portion size. Even if you have fruits and vegetables, it is important to have it in portion size, as rawer food intake can also enlarge your tummy.

 •    Small Meals

It is always better to have small meals frequently than having 3 large meals which can tax your digestive system and the fat gets stored as huge tummy. Make it a habit to have 6 to 8 small meals a day for a flat tummy.



•    Sufficient Sleep

Insufficient sleep can make you put on weight, increasing belly. Hence, good 8 hours of sleep is a must.

•    Stress Relief

Even stress can add weight to your body. It is a right practice to meditate and keep the stress away for a healthy body and mind.

•    Stop Beverages

Occasional social drinking of alcohol is accepted. But a little more, you have to pay. Yes, large amount of alcohol in the form of beverages can enlarge your abdomen. Even other beverages like aerated drinks, coffee also add to tummy expansion, if taken in large quantity.

•    Think Thin

Human mind and thoughts play an important role too. Assuming and visualizing yourself with a flat abs, can get you the same results provided, you have a deep desire for the same.

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