Top 8 Reasons for Feeling Tired at All Times

Top 8 Reasons for Feeling Tired at All Times

Are you one among them who always feel a lack of energy to complete any work? Who looks forward to getting back to bed soon after waking up? Who doesn’t initiate to take up any extra work because of the feeling of tiredness? If yes, then you badly need a lifestyle change.
You are not alone! Feeling tired is a common complaint and such people blame their lifestyle for the same. It is obvious, especially in big cities, women need to adjust to a hectic life. They need to fulfill tasks right from the start till the end of the day and thereby, they get exhausted.
However, such complaints can be easily fixed provided, your fatigue is not caused by any other major health problem. Some of the top reasons for feeling tired are:


Reason 1: Shortage of Sleep:

This is the number 1 cause for feeling a lack of energy throughout the day. As per the age and habit, each person’s need for the sleep varies. Some people feel it sufficient with just 6-7 hours of sleep. Whereas, some are used to 9 hours or more. If you haven’t sufficiently slept, it can cause fatigue.
Reason 2: Anaemic:

Women in their menopause stage or even those with heavy periods feel anaemic due to the lack of red blood cells count. With the lack of RBC, there is a shortage of oxygen supply to the cells and tissues. You need to immediately include foods like dark green vegetables, cereals, nuts, tofu, pomegranate etc. that increase the iron content in your body.
 Reason 3: Ending the day in a wrong way:

Ending your day wrongly like working late night, chatting on the phone before going to bed causes a disturbance in your sleep. Talking or thinking wrongly before going to bed will imprint those bad thoughts in your sub-conscious level.

Reason 4: Skipping Meals:

Breakfast is a very important meal for the day. Hence, skipping breakfast or even the other 3 meals can deplete your energy level. You must include a good amount of proteins, iron, vitamins, calcium to maintain a high energy level.
Reason 5: Improper Functioning of Thyroid Gland:

Check for the proper functioning of your thyroid gland in the body. As the thyroid gland controls the metabolism and energy levels and helps in absorbing the nutrients from the food, it is an important gland. The improper functioning of thyroid gland causes fatigue.
Reason 6: Sedentary Lifestyle:

This is one of the major reason for feeling tired. Women who are leading a sedentary lifestyle, gains weight and thereby experiences stiffness in joints and muscles and often have mood swings and feels fatigue.

Reason 7: Imbalance in Blood Sugar:

Women who often feel fatigue need to get their blood sugar level checked, as an imbalance in sugar level can cause tiredness often.
Reason 8: Excessive Caffeine:

Women who take a lot of caffeine experience anxiety, lack of sleep and fatigue. Caffeine is a stimulant and can stay up to 5 hours in your body thereby, causing lack of sleep and tiredness.

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