Free Hands Workout Without Using Fitness Equipment

Free Hands Workout Without Using Fitness Equipment

Let’s not make our fitness requirements complicated, by fixing time slots, calculating money for a gym membership, waiting in the gym to use an equipment, investing in fitness equipment and so on. As there are a lot of free hands exercise that are equally power packed without the need of gym equipment.

However, there are many day-to-day activities that give us good physical movements and tone our muscles like lifting a heavy luggage, bag, doing core household and kitchen works, using staircase etc. Apart from these, there are many other proper exercises which are equipment free:


1. Side bends

This exercise is for the toning of hips. To begin, stand with feet apart and knee slightly bent. Raise and join your hands above your head like a laughing Buddha position. Now, bend sideways towards left and right. Repeat 25 times.

2. Back dips for shoulder strength

Sit on a heavy chair with hands placed next to you. Slowly take your butt off the chair and go forward in the air, where your whole body is supported with hands on the chair and feet on the floor. Now, start the dips by moving your upper body up and down slowly. Do 20 reps.

3. Heel raises

This is to strengthen the calf muscles and give a stretch to the entire body. Stand straight and slowly raise your legs and balance on the front tip of your feet and hold. Come back by lowering your heels. Repeat 15 times.



4. Forward bends

This move is for the strengthening of back and abs muscles. Again standing in the position of a laughing Buddha, bend forward keeping the chest straight and come back. Repeat 25 times.

5. Tucked high jump

This jump is to cut down calories and strengthen the legs and thighs.  Stand straight and bend your knees slightly to jump as high as possible. Tuck your legs towards your chest with hands when you jump high. Come down with knees slightly bent. Repeat 10 times.

6. Shoulder bridge

Lie flat on the back with hands straight on your sides and knee bent, feet width apart. Now, slowly raise your hip off the floor towards the ceiling and the jaws touching your chest. Hold for few seconds and lower down the hips. Repeat for 12 times.



7. Hand to Toe

This is similar to a yoga asana and is very effective for core abs. You need to sit on the floor with legs stretched outward and straight. Now, raise your hands up and slowly bring the hands towards your toes and hold the toes without bending the knee. Come back. Repeat for 10 times.

8. Grinding activity

This is again for the abs and back strengthening. You need to sit on the floor with legs stretched outward and straight. Now rotate your whole upper body as a complete circle just like grinding activity. Continue for a minute.

These are some of the stretching and bending exercises that needs less effort and time than the fitness equipment consumes. Along with these you can combine some of the fast cardio movements like running, skipping, Zumba and aerobics.

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