Healthy Eating Habits That Give No Positive Results

Nowadays, we find lot of new studies and theories being made on how to stay fit and fine, how to treat any existing health problems and to define healthy eating habits etc. But can we follow everything? Is every concept so true to be followed? Are they really magic foods that we have found?
Of course, studies done with lot of research are proven to be true and good enough to follow. However, there are some practices that are transparently false which do not give any positive results. Instead may even cause harmful effects on a long run.

Here are some of the so-called healthy eating habits that are harmful with adverse effects:

1.  Low Fat Food is not Nutritious ( Aint no healthy eating matey ! )


Always maintaining a low-fat diet does no good to your metabolism. It is very much necessary to include fat in your diet for various activities in the body such as for,

a.    Good health of gallbladder
b.    Getting fat-soluble vitamins
c.    Balancing Cholesterol
d.    Balancing blood sugar levels
e.    Protein consumption etc.

2.  Having Artificial Sweeteners

With lot of ads on TV and magazines, we easily get influenced to reduce calories by using artificial sweetener for beverages like diet soda and other eatables. But we are unaware that it can stimulate the appetite and increase sugar cravings which can actually increase the weight.

3.  Fruit in the form of Juice


Most of the people prefer to have fruit juice thinking it’s healthy and is made directly from the fruit. In reality, these juices are just fruit flavored drink with sugar. Even otherwise, if you choose to have fruit juice rather than a whole fruit, you will be consuming more sugar with less fibrous matter which is needed to slow down sugar absorption.It is not just necessary to maintain a healthy eating but also healthy drinking !

4.  Detox Process

You can find numerous detox and body cleansing methods that assures the cleansing of the unwanted stuff from the body. However, there is no correct evidence that these detox methods can cleanse the entire body effectively. Moreover, the body is well equipped and has a built-in system to cleanse itself whenever needed.

5.  Overdosing Vitamin Intake

Vitamins are must for everybody in order to avoid diseases that’s caused due to lack of vitamins. Also, it’s necessary to stay young and fit. But the question is, in what quantity it is required? Taking vitamin supplements in large quantity can be very harmful and never be considered as healthy eating. It is found that more intake of vitamin E and beta carotene increase the risk of heart disease and mortality.


6. Stored Water Bottle


People assume its hygienic to use water stored in bottles. This is not only expensive, but, also contains unseen chemicals unlike the glass bottles. It is better to avoid water in plastic bottles and cans.

7.   Skipping Meals as part of Diet

Never make a mistake of skipping meals to reduce weight. It can actually increase your weight and lead to gas formation in the stomach. Hence, make a habit of having smaller meals drinking plenty of water.


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