Simple Fitness Tips to have a Great Body : Body Building

Simple Fitness Tips to have a Great Body : Body Building

There is always a secret behind every fit, muscular powerful Body Building. These small secrets and tips, when followed, makes a huge difference in the long run. You ought to know and implement the tips in order to grow in the fitness area.

The following are some of the important tips to make a great body: Body Building


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•  Abs workout

Don’t include abs workout on a daily basis, as the abdomen muscles get adjusted to the strenuous activity and starts showing slow results. Hence, 2 to 3 times a week is good enough.

•  No Sweat workout

Don’t be under wrong impression that when you are sweating more, you are burning lot of calories. Sweating can be due to increase in the body temperature. A good calorie burns out with a good increase in the heart rate.

•  Maintain orderly workout

Opt for exercises that require less support of smaller muscle groups first.

•  Go for core strengthening exercises

Go for sit ups and squats that strengthen the core, which is very much necessary for the hip area and the abs to become stronger.



•  Fix a time for workout

By fixing a time for workout in your daily schedule, it creates a psychological impression which makes the body and mind to get ready at that particular fixed time. You will stop making excuses to skip the workout.

•  Hit the weak points

If you are lazy or avoid doing a particular workout, go for it. Start doing more of that exercise as your body is weak at it.

• Group classes to motivate

Apart from core workout and weights, it is necessary to attend group Zumba or Pilates classes to keep up the motivation level.

• Eat proteins rightly

Research says extra proteins when consumed gets converted into fat and gets stored in the body. Hence a right amount of 0.8 grams of protein for 2 pounds of body weight is required.

• Keep yourself busy

It is important to move away from sedentary lifestyle to keep yourself fit. Walk the talk, move every half an hour once at least.



• Get enough vitamin D

Vitamin D is very crucial for your body to build immunity, fight against aging and maintain blood pressure levels.

• Naps for healthy heart

Research has shown that taking a short nap in the noon for 30 to 40 minutes helps in maintaining a healthy heart.

• Keep hydrated during workout

It is not required to drink plenty of water in between the workout as it results in cooling down of the body. But it is important to keep yourself hydrated by sipping water in small quantity.

• No workouts during sickness

Don’t try hard to do workout, when you are down and feeling sick and uneasy. As your body uses the resources to heal itself and become normal than using it for building muscles.

• Stretching is best

Make time for good stretches in between the workouts as well as when you are doing other works for body building, as it increases the strength and blood circulation.

World Amateur Body Building Association

The World Amateur Body Building Association (WABBA) is an International bodybuilding organization founded in 1976 by the French bodybuilder Serge Nubret


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