Speedy and Swift Ways to Reduce Weight – Women

Speedy and Swift Ways to Reduce Weight – Women

Body weight management is an art and requires a lot of dedication, discipline, and skill. Women usually anticipate quick fixes for weight loss. However, cutting weight too fast or too slow, not hydrating oneself properly, eating wrong food to shed weight quickly, should not become part of our lifestyle.

The following are safe and quick tips to shed down weight:


• Stop eating once you are half full

Make it a habit to intake food only half the appetite and stop your meal once you feel you are almost done, but can still intake your last few portion. Keep that space for water intake.

• Follow the meal intake formula

There’s a formula- have breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar. This is the formula you need to practice.

• Wait for hunger call before hitting your dining table

Most of us even don’t know the state or feel of hunger as they keep filling their stomach with one or the other food stuff. They are real foodies. They may be eating due to just craving, frustration, boredom. But, you need to practice eating only when your body asks for it.

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• Sweat out

One of the best ways to cut down weight is by sweating it out. You can lose a lot of water content from the body through your sweat.

• Reduce your sodium intake

Reduce salt intake as it holds the water content in the body. By reducing the sodium, it helps in flushing out the stored water content from the body.

• Go for steam sauna

You can find a steam sauna in spas or inside big apartment gated communities. Make it a habit of taking a steam bath once in a month to flush out all the toxins from the body which results in weight loss.

• Cut the carbs and sugars

Yes, they may be your favourite, especially sweets. But if you are on the path of a weight loss, it is necessary to stop the sugary foods and carbs that increase bad cholesterol.


• Herbal tea

Some teas like green tea, black tea has lower calories than normal milk tea.

• Stop consuming alcohol

Alcohol can cause dehydration and dehydration lead to water retention as the body holds on to fluid till its fully hydrated.

• No processed food

Stop processed food or packed foods as it is already processed and it enters directly into the blood as fat.

• Start your meal differently

Take salad and drink water before your meal that cuts down half of your appetite.


• Switch to low-fat drinks

As much as possible, avoid high-calorie drinks like sugar juices, processed flavoured juices, and thick milk etc.

• Eat whole egg

If you have a whole egg for your breakfast, your protein intake increases and makes you feel full for a longer duration.

• Steam food

Go for steamed food rather than fried foods.

• Cook yourself

By cooking yourself at home, you can be watchful of all the ingredients and its quantity used in cooking. Outside food may be tasty, but is surely high in fat content.


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Tips to cut weight: First turn your head to the right, then turn it to the left. Repeat this every time you are offered something to eat.


RT @SarcasmSaid: Tips to reduce weight: turn үour head to the right, now to the left… Now repeat this procedure everү time үou’re offered…



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