The Ultimate Kettlebell Workout to Burn Fat

What’s the speciality about Kettlebell Workout?

Kettlebell workouts are known for giving quick results of fat loss in comparison to resistance weight workout. It is so convenient and versatile equipment for working out and does the core body strengthening. At a stretch of 30 minutes’ rigorous exercise, kettlebell saves time as it includes both aerobic and anaerobic into one exercise. Though its easy and handy, it serves all purpose of fitness like fat loss, core muscle strengthening and shaping up of body. It is used by athletes to gain hands strength, boxers to spur-of-the-moment quickly, baseball and throw ball players to throw ball with force and shot-putters and disc throwers to fasten their movements during sports. Even the beginners in the fitness field can use kettlebell to get the feel of weights in their workout.

Below are some of the effective exercises using kettlebell to burn fat:



1.  Kettlebell Swing

Kettlebell swing boosts cardio vascular endurance and gives you a high intense workout. It aims in developing strength in shoulders, arms hamstrings, thighs. Kettlebell swing is as effective as squat and helps in refining your vertical jump.
How to do it: To begin, stand wide keeping the feet wide and pointing your toes slightly outwards to give space for swinging. Now once you are ready holding the kettlebell, squat down keeping your back and head in straight posture. When you are down, flick the kettlebell between your legs as much as you can. Again squat up and bring the kettlebell to your shoulder level with arms stretched straight.

2.  Kettlebell Getup

This fitness activity strengthens all the core muscles as it involves complete cycle of lying down to getting up and standing, holding kettlebell. But kettlebell workout majorly targets shoulders strength. This is practiced by wrestlers and fighters.
How to do it:
•    To begin lie flat facing up and place the kettlebell on your side.
•    Roll on to your side to pick the kettlebell in both hands.
•    Roll back flat holding the kettlebell firmly.
•    Gently take the left arm off the kettlebell and support the arm on the ground. Meanwhile, hold the kettlebell using right arm only, fully vertical.
•    Bend your right knee and taking the support from left arm on the ground, slowly sit up meanwhile, holding kettlebell firmly with right hand vertically.
•    Now, holding it vertically from the ground, stand up slowly and firmly raising your butt and extending left leg.
•    Reverse the position. Repeat the exercise.


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 3.  Kettlebell Floor Press

This mainly targets chest, arms, shoulders core muscles. Also builds biceps.
How to do it: Lie on the floor facing the ceiling. Bend both knees keeping the feet on the floor. Hold a kettlebell in your both hands and stretch it outwards towards ceiling. Bring it back towards your chest. Repeat the exercise.

4.  Kettlebell Lunge Pressure

This move targets shoulders, arms, legs, glutes.
How to do it: Stand straight holding kettlebell in left hand towards the chest. Now raise your left hand up while bending your right knee and lunge forward and place the left leg back. Return to standing and repeat the other side.


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