Women’s Strength Training Exercises for Burning Body Fat

Women’s Strength Training Exercises for Burning Body Fat

It’s a fact that women are not comfortable with most strength training exercises, as they think that’s not their cup of tea. Women have a false belief that if they do lot of weight training exercises, they become huge, bulky and masculine. But it’s a myth! Even in the gym, women are more inclined towards light exercises like aerobics or triceps strengthening with light weighted dumbbells.
However, the fact is that right compound movements gather and condense lot of muscle mass. A perfect strength training exercise program can make a perfect attractive physique along with core muscle workout and body fat. You would also get into a right shape much sooner than what you would get doing other low intensity training. Anyway, high intensity varies from one person to other person based on their fitness levels. For one person doing 8 reps may be effective, whereas, for somebody they can stretch up to 12 reps. But, you can always increase the stamina for high intensity with a rigorous practice.

Here are some of the women’s strength training exercises for lower body fat, upper body and mid-section:

1. Free Weight Training

As discussed, women shy away from weights thinking it can’t get them the desired results. Hence, they opt for cardio. No doubt, cardio is very good. But, adding weight training exercise in your regime just for 2 days a week can do wonders. With the weight training, your muscle gets the right stress and it responds that helps in toning and muscle building.
This is free weight training workout where you stand on your feet with weights in your both hands. Hold the weights near the shoulder and lift it above your head. Reverse again. Repeat for 25 times.

 2. Glute Bridge

Working on your glutes makes your lower back strong and hamstrings gain strength. Lie on your back facing the ceiling with knees bent and feet parallel to ground. Hold a single long weight in both hands near your shoulder and lift hips off the ground making sure your knees, hips and shoulders are in straight line. Stretch both arms forward. Hold for 2 to 3 seconds and return back. Do 10 reps.

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3. Forward Bend

This move kills the excess abs and tones butt. To begin, stand straight with feet shoulder width apart holding heavy weights in both hands. Bend forward up to 90degrees extending your both hands sideways. Hold and come back to start position. Repeat for 20 times.

4. Hill Climbing with Push ups

This is an aerobics activity to burn excess calories strengthening abs, back, legs and hips area almost whole body fat. To begin, come to the push up position with the hands firm on the ground. Now, bring your right leg forward near the chest and jump back bringing the left leg forward and right leg backward. Continue the move with some speed to bring the flow. Continue for 1 minute.

Mass fat percentage

Adipose tissue percentage (BFP) of a human or other living being is the total mass of fat divided by total body mass; body fat includes essential adipose tissue.

Bioelectrical impedance analysis

commonly used method for estimating body composition, and in particular adipose tissues. Since the advent of the first commercially available devices in the mid-1980s

Lean body mass

adipose tissue from total body weight: total body weight is lean plus fat. In equations: LBM = BW − BF Lean body mass equals body weight minus body fat cells.


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